A wide and varied choice
As an alternative to machine engraving, our two lasers offer many different options, in terms of the production of items which perhaps couldn”t be done on the other machines.  Producing one-off or prototype items is ideally suited to the laser.
Cutting the many layers of printed polyester for a membrane switch, for example, can be done with high accuracy. Cutting perspex panels that require polished edges, or engraving images into it for an etched look give an effective result. We can also chemically etch into brass, stainless steel and aluminium with a permanent black image of whatever image/text you require.


Plaques and Nameplates

Part of the lasers frequent workload is producing one-off items on all manner of materials, glass, marble, stainless steel, brass, acrylic being just a few.
In the picture is a Granite Plaque which has been laser etched and then filled gold for presentation purposes. The inset shot shows two brass plates which have been permanently marked using a chemical paste. This is particularly good for etching complex graphic images onto stainless steel or brass (in black), where detail may be too fine for conventional engraving, or a low quantity is required.
The cutout pic shows a polished acrylic plaque for display in a Radar establishment. This had text and photographic images laser engraved in reverse on the rear of the material to give depth when viewed from the front.

Drinks Industry

We have many years experience making products for the drinks industry, all involving many different manufacturing processes. Pictured are a small selection showing items that involved laser cutting as the final stage of production. Typically these are reverse printed onto acrylic, sometimes in layers for a ”3D” effect, and then profile cut, some as thick as 10mm. Others shown here have been vacuum formed before lasercutting.
Screen printing features heavily in the visual aspect of the examples shown, as does vacuum forming, both are processes we provide in-house.

click here for video footage



Point of Purchase

Much of our work involves the design and print of point of sale items. To try to separate and categorise all the different processes used in manufacture would be difficult, but a large part of the finishing process involves the cutting of the various shapes required on the laser.
One of the pictures here shows part of a promotional display for Castrol ”Edge” Oil. This was screenprinted onto brushed aluminium, lasercut to shape and mounted onto laser cut and engraved ”edgelit” acrylic, before being assembled onto a machined aluminium base.



Labels and Badges

For the industrial sector we produce many Warning Labels, Tallies and ID Plates as shown in the background here.
A large number of these we produce on the CNC/Pantograph machines in traditional manner, but they are equally as easily engraved on the laser with the variety of laminates now available.
Badges, Keyfobs and Bespoke labelling are something we can also provide for the commercial market, especially something that requires a unique shape, or requires a look that isn”t just off the shelf.

For a whole range of Badges and associated ID products, please visit another of our websites –



Awards, Trophies and One-offs

As mentioned earlier the laser is ideal for one-off items and prototyping, this also applies to awards and even gift ideas. Glass and acrylic feature heavily in this area, as shown in the detail pictures, but almost any material is viable. Bottles can be etched on the rotary attachment and combining printing with laser engraving is very effective, the clock (top left) was printed in reverse with mirror silver ink onto glass green acrylic, and laser cut, the front face could then be laser etched.



Profiling and Prototyping

Cutting complex profiles, templates, masks or design prototypes out of a varied range of materials is all every day work on the laser.
Membrane switches, with all the complicated polyester layers, circuits and graphic overlays are much of what we do. For more details on membrane switches visit

Model making is also something we can help with, as you can see from this large scale, Radio Controlled FW190 fighter plane, for which we lasercut all the plywood framework parts. Scenery and building sections for scalemodelling can be cut from card, for architectural or film making applications.



Panels and Equipment

For a quick and extremely permanent result, both in the commercial and industrial sector, control panels, fascias, labels and equipment boxes/parts can be laser engraved very effectively. This can be done by marking the surface with a permanent black image, as shown on the background picture, this cover was stainless steel. Etching away an anodised finish to reveal the raw aluminium beneath also offers an interesting alternative to printing or machine engraving. The small chrome plated fitting in the bottom centre picture was laser engraved using a rotary attachment.


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