Our two CNC Engraving machines make light work of higher volume production, whether it be small labels or tallies, to precision cut and engraved control panels for large machinery fascias.
We have many years of experience in producing Large Signage, Panels, Labels, Brass plaques, Memorial plaques and Patterns for the casting process.

We aim to provide a solution for any challenging work, whether it is through the design or size of the project, from the vision to the end product.



Memorial Plaques

In line with the Pantograph process, the production of Plaques for Rememberance purposes is something we can make on a larger scale on the CNC machine. Pictured is the Lloyds building in London with its tall bronze plaques in place. Although we didnt make the plaques themselves, as they were cast in bronze, we did manufacture the patterns for the casting in sections, engraved in reverse, as highlighted in the inset picture.  Locally we made the inlayed stainless steel plates for another memorial shown in the right hand detail.



Control Panels and Fascias

With accuracy in mind, many machinery covers or large equipment fascia panels require precise placement of various openings and holes for switches, as well as the engraving of associated tally information. In addition to the engraving and cutting, we can heat bend certain materials to form hinges for covers etc.

For your Information

Listed below are some typical materials that we use in both CNC and Pantograph engraving :
Perspex, Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Engraving Laminates, Gravoply, Traffolite, Wood, Copper.



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